Social Media

Instagram is a platform for people to communicate with each other by sharing photos and videos. It can be used either on laptop or mobile phone communication source. It can be used for both business and personal purpose. Users can be deactivated from their accounts due to some policies. For example, a child of 12 years may be inactivated his account due to age rules and regulations. Instagram do not allow a child to be a user of it if he is of 12 years or below than that. You can re-activate your account at any time when you want.

Privacy tips of Instagram

Instagram is not just a smartphone app for editing and posting photos. It is above than that. It is about sharing new snapshots with other Instagram users and friends on your profile. New users need some guide to join and use Instagram. These privacy tips are as follows:

Change Instagram privacy settings

You can take photos on Instagram. These photos not only save in your phone gallery but also publish to newsfeed of your Instagram account. It open by default to anyone who wants to visit your profile. If you want to buy real Instagram followers from the source then the privacy settings must be set to public.

Check your Facebook settings

Although Instagram account can be created directly by Facebook. You can share your latest photos on Instagram with friends on Facebook. To do this, you need to tap your Facebook settings for final confirmation. You can easily find out how can your Instagram account shares images with Facebook account.

Block random followers

Your Instagram account can show your photos to just people who follow you. This can make your profile private for anyone else. You can block random followers easily on it. You can block them by selecting your list of followers.

Edit your profile

You can edit your profile in settings of your Instagram account. You can change your username and provide phone number etc.

How to re-enable your Instagram profile

Users may deactivate their account due to some safety policies and regulations of Instagram. They can re-enable their account by the support of Instagram. Users can re-enable their account by following some steps. First, they can troubleshoot a temporarily disabled account.  You need to login to your Instagram account. If you temporarily disable your account then Instagram deactivate your account for a week. You have to choose username and password for logging in. You may choose a method to obtain your password reset. Secondly, you need to review the terms of use for Instagram account activation. For this, you should identify whether your account was suspended or not. Sometimes, you reset your password but still cannot access your Instagram account. This may be due to the reason that your account may be suspended and may not be able to get back. If you think that your account is suspended wrongly by Instagram then you can contact Instagram for starting the process again.

So, you have to follow some steps by the instruction of Instagram when you re-enable your account.