The development of mobility in the city of Casablanca was at the center of the meeting as a side event of the Smart City Expo last May 17, 2017. The meeting was held under the plan of the Local Development Corporation (SDL) Casa Transport, with the purpose of presenting the broad outlines of the mobility program for the city of Casablanca by 2022. The development of the plan took account of several specific features of the metropolis. In this sense, 49% of Casablanca-Settat’s population lives in the Casablanca prefecture, whereas the Casablanca car fleet is growing at an annual rate of 3.5% equivalent to 1.5 million vehicles since the year 2014 and the increase of the mobility demand in the metropolis is approximated at 68%. These figures, which are constantly changing and, above all, astounding, give transport managers more choices than to reinforce public transport, as well as to expect the high density of traffic in the future.

In this context, the transport sector in the metropolis has received a short-term budget of MAD18 billion. Moreover, the tramway network will comprise four lines covering 78 kilometers by the year 2022 compared to the current operational range of 31 kilometers. Casablanca will be interjected by 120 tramlines compared to 37 currently, in addition to the development of 120 stations from the current number of 48 channels. Similarly, an additional of five centers of multimodal connections will reinforce the existing five centers. At present, the tramway network comprises a single connecting station which is in Abdelmoumen Boulevard, and after five years, there will be eight. With the only existing parking lot in Oasis, the number of parking lots is also planned to be increased to 15, which are to be constructed close to the railway station. At the same time, two BHNS (high-level service bus) lines will be built and will cover 24 kilometers. The implementation of this link, intermodal and integrated network also covers 265 hectares of urban development, as compared with 90 hectares for the construction scope for the first tram line. Casa Transport has also announced a diversification regarding the methods of payment of the tickets.

Certainly, in addition to conventional channels such as the authorized resellers and station terminals, travelers will be able to buy their tickets online, pay by credit card without calling the service center via smartphone. Regarding the improvement of the Casablanca access and road infrastructure, 42 kilometers of trails are under development. The various projects, delegated to the SDL Casa Aménagement, include upgrading, landscaping, and redevelopment of roadways, sidewalks, and quadrangles. Hoppers, tunnels, cable-stayed bridge in Sidi Maârouf, junctures, are also part of the plan. Several projects which involve the various hotspots of the metropolis are in progress, and some will start shortly. Parking is not to be outdone since the plan also encompasses the construction of parking lots with several thousand seats.