earn money with youtube

YouTube is a website for video sharing. It is very easy to watch online videos on it. You can even create your videos to share with other people across the world on YouTube. It was founded during 2005. It is not just a source of watching and uploading videos but also a source to earn money online. Here we share how to earn money on YouTube. Following steps are required to follow for earning money on it.

Set up your YouTube channel

You need to create an account on YouTube same as an account on Google. One channel is attached to each account on it.  An account on YouTube helps you to access Gmail and Google Drive. You need to add keywords on accounts which will help others to access your channel. Keyword must be relevant to your content. Moreover, the username of account should be short and easy to remember for people.

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Add content

You should upload high-quality content on it. It should not be too long. Sometimes it needs to be long depending upon the type of content which you upload. You should consistently upload your content. You should focus on making it perfect. The first attempt may not be perfect. It requires time and practice to be perfect. You can use different software for editing to make it better. You need to hold your audience which is possible through consistent uploading. Add interesting description to your content to easily search on YouTube.

Capture audience

You need an audience to watch your videos on it. It is a key element to increasing monetization. To increase subscribers, you need to create the best content which attracts more people. You should share your content on various other social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. If you are having difficulty in gathering options, then you can also buy Instagram followers and twitter retweets.  You can distribute it to other people on internet sources. Subscribers are very important for watching content. They become a partner to you.

Video monetization

You can earn money on YouTube if you enable monetization. Monetization involves allowing YouTube to put ads in videos. But it is a condition that your video content does not contain any copyright content from other videos.

Minimum views for earning money

You need to get at least ten thousand views if you want to start earning money. You need to upload video to enable monetization. After monetization, you must have views of ten thousand people.

Google AdSense

It is a website which requires to sign up to create an account. You can create a free account on Google AdSense. For signing up, you should be at least 18 years old. You must provide information related to your mailing address and bank account or PayPal on it. You can get income through Google AdSense when earning money per ad click. Your income adds up to your account in this way.

Check analytics

You can check the performance of videos posting through analytics. You can click on analytics option in the channel menu.

So, these are steps to earn money on YouTube. After checking analytics, you can become a Youtube partner to earn money on it.