Several famous brands are available for cards manufacturing. Players feel satisfying to choose their favorite brand to play. Bicycle playing cards are one of those. It is the united states based manufacturing company. The United States printing company designed this card and began manufacturing since 1885. Trademark of the company is shown on the cards.

History of bicycle cards

History of playing cards is very long. It is divided into various time periods. The company has grown during these different time periods. The bicycle has a rich long history of development.

January 1867

Its history started when A. O. Russell, Robert J. Morgan, James M. Armstrong and John F. Robinson Jr. formed the partnership by establishing their job printing rooms. It was started during 1867. Operations occupied first two buildings in Cincinnati, Ohio. They started the business with referring to two printers in partnership. During 1872, business has grown at the next level. It moved to a new building consisting of four stories which were near to Cincinnati.

Early in 1880

This company got monopolized position among several East Coast companies. Partners of Bicycle decided to add two more stories in a building which make it six stories high. Various new machines were introduced in the company for the purpose of increasing operations and output. It completed its first deck of playing cards during 1881. Around 20 employees of the company manufactured more than 1600 packs in a day.

In 1891

It became The United States printing company founded by Russell, Morgan & Co. Playing cards business was grown to the level at which their operations became separated from printing companies. It became the playing card manufacturing company during this year. It acquired other renowned companies in the United States.

By 1900

It extended its operations again during 1900. It extended from small company in downtown Cincinnati to highly established factory in Norwood. This factory consists of the area of around 30 acres. It accommodated manufacturing operations to more than 600,000 square feet.

During 2004

During this more technologically advanced era, united states playing card company acquired other renowned companies such as KEM, Pisano Die, and Gamblers General Store & Poker Chips. It became the subsidiary of Jarden Corporation. It entered into the agreement of licensing with Encore.

During 2007

It introduced pre-shuffled cards during this era. Bicycle became highly developed company during the 20th century. It entered into a sponsorship agreement with the largest poker series in the world. It got award due to its excellent operations by creative child magazine.

During 2009

Bicycle became highly competitive company among other companies. It introduced a line of playing cards and accessories of poker and undergone into a licensing agreement with Jacks & Jokers.

By 2010

It celebrated its 125th anniversary during this year. It introduced the new line of playing card with the cooperation of Navarre and Jarden Corporation.

So, Bicycle has achieved its goals in this way. Now, it has become the leading company for manufacturing of playing cards. Players choose to play with cards of Bicycle now.