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In the past, whether it was a craft or a map of the house people used to work manually. But now the technology has made things easier, and people use the CAD software to create and modify designs. Some of you may not have heard about the CAD. CAD is the abbreviation of computer aided design. It is the software that helps in the creation, modification, and analysis of conception. It uses the computer system or workstation, so it increases the productivity of the designer. CAD has replaced the manual drafting and made the process of creating designs easier.

Computer Aided Design:

Computer aided design or CAD is one of the essential tools used by the engineers and designers. The CAD uses the workstation or computer system and thus makes the manufacturing process easy. There are several types of CAD depending on for which purpose you are using it. The designers and engineers can create a design and view it from different angles using CAD. It allows the modifications in the design as well. So instead of wasting time in creating maps or diagrams manually, you should use CAD. Also, there is the possibility of CAD Conversion often. Following are the types of CAD Software:

Two Dimensional CAD:

It is the kind of CAD we are most familiar with. It is the pioneer of CAD software. In the early 70’s the engineering companies, automobiles and aerospace firms developed in house tools. The two dimensional CAD or 2D CAD consists of basic geometric shapes like lines, rectangles, and circles, etc. These were used to produce flat drawings.

Three Dimensional CAD:

With the technology and advancement, the graphic display abilities also improved. So CAD took a step up and became increasingly popular. Now, 3D Cad allows creating realistic images, and you can view the designs from every angle. The best part of 3D CAD is that you can also take a view of the design from inside out. It provides the greater details about the individual components of a physical object.

Training Of CAD:

If you are interested in learning how to use the marvelous CAD software, then don’t worry. You can take admission in any technical institution or community college. You can get an associate degree as well.  Bachelor degree programs are also initiated to produce engineers and designers who could use CAD to create, modify or optimize the products.

Thus CAD is used by the engineers, designers, automobile and aerospace companies to:

  • prepare environmental impact reports
  • create a conceptual design
  • product layout
  • dynamic analysis of assembly
  • manufacturing processes
  • produce detailed engineering designs

If you don’t know the difference between the CAD and AutoCAD then here is a simple definition of both.

CAD is a general term that applies to use of computers in everything that required manual drafting previously. While as the AutoCAD is the specific piece of software used for commercial design purposes. We must say that the CAD has made the creation of designs quick and easy.